Dr. Andrew Carver

Dr Carver specializes in Laser Nail Correction. He is one of very few doctors in the world to specialize in Laser Nail Fungus Correction. He has practiced for 35 years. He was the residences director at Kaiser Santa Clara CA and Healthsouth Surgery Center in San Francisco, CA. 90% of his patients are Laser nail correction patients. He uses the latest Laser and medical topicals and techniques in the treatment. Dr Carver is board certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery. He is a DIPLOMATE. He was the foot specialist for the NBA GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS & ATP SF AND SJ CA MEN’S PRO TENNIS TOURNAMENT. Dr Carver started the BAJA PROJECT in Mexico where he performed gratis surgery on children with congenital clubfoot. Dr Carver is in private practice in Friendship Heights- NW Washington, DC.