2502, 2021

Why Do Athletes Get Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails can happen to everybody; they form when the corner of the nail grows into the side of the skin. This is caused by excess pressure on the corner of the toe, which in a way pushes the toe onto the nail during growth. Although everybody is at risk for them, athletes are under [...]

2502, 2021

Don’t Use Chemicals At Home For Ingrowns

If you are researching ways you can treat an ingrown toenail, you may have come across the multitude of at-home treatments that are recommended online. As with all things on the internet, these recommendations should be examined for validity and safety before you decide to use them. There are very few at-home treatments that are [...]

2402, 2021

Does Ibuprofen Help With Ingrown Toenails?

Because ingrown toenails are commonly extremely painful, most people who have them are first and foremost looking to get their pain relieved. Some people are used to taking over-the-counter pain medications for conditions such as this, believing that curing the pain will help the condition overall. However, you should be aware of what taking these [...]

2202, 2021

You May Have An Ingrown Toenail If…

Ingrown toenails are painful, annoying conditions that everyone wants to avoid. These conditions are usually caused by physical activity or too-tight shoes, as both of these will put excessive pressure on the corner of the toe. This is the spot where ingrown toenails form since it is where the nail meets the side of the [...]

2002, 2021

Foot Soak For Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a condition that will keep getting worse as time goes on. They can be very painful, and often people who have them need immediate medical attention to be able to continue their daily lives. However, if your ingrown isn’t very severe and you can’t get in to see a podiatrist immediately, you [...]

1902, 2021

Timeline of an Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are conditions that usually start as pretty minor issues. As they develop into more severe conditions, the symptoms of ingrown toenails get progressively worse. If you are at risk for ingrown toenails, have developed them before, or are just cautious about developing them, the timeline of an ingrown toenail is an important piece [...]

1702, 2021

Swelling From Ingrown Toenails

Because ingrown toenails consist of a wound that is constantly pushed against the toenail throughout the day, they commonly create swelling and inflammation of the skin around the nail. In fact, swelling and inflammation are some of the most common symptoms of an ingrown toenail, along with pain. If you have swelling, inflammation, and pain [...]

1602, 2021

Relief From Ingrown Toenail Pain

Ingrown toenail pain is often debilitating and can make standing, walking, and running difficult. The pain from ingrown toenails usually gets worse when weight is on the foot, because this increases pressure on the toe. Wearing closed-toe shoes also makes ingrown toenail pain worse, because this provides a surface for the ingrown toenail to press [...]

1202, 2021

Why Bleach Won’t Help Your Ingrown

If you are looking for home remedies to help your ingrown, you are not alone. Ingrown toenails are often extremely painful, and can sometimes prevent you from walking at all. Home remedies are tempting because they bypass any visit to the podiatrist’s office, and seem like they will treat the condition more quickly. When an [...]

1202, 2021

What To Expect After Ingrown Removal

If you have decided to seek medical attention and treatment for your ingrown toenail, congratulations! You have made the first step towards relieving the pain that your ingrown toenail almost surely caused. The podiatrist doing your ingrown removal should give you specific instructions on what to expect during and after your procedure. However, you may [...]