Ingrown toenails are painful, annoying conditions that everyone wants to avoid. These conditions are usually caused by physical activity or too-tight shoes, as both of these will put excessive pressure on the corner of the toe. This is the spot where ingrown toenails form since it is where the nail meets the side of the skin. If you are starting to worry about if you may have an ingrown toenail, the risk factors and symptoms of ingrowns should be helpful information.

First of all, you may have an ingrown if you have noticed your nail growing into the side of the skin. This is the primary symptom of ingrowns, which makes sense considering their name! If you have started to notice this growth, it is a good idea to see a podiatrist immediately or consider your level of physical activity and footwear. You may have an ingrown if you haven’t noticed this growth, but have been having sharp pain where the toe meets the skin. Especially if the skin is red or inflamed, pain in this area is usually because of an ingrown. If you have noticed this pain gets worse while wearing shoes that press against your toes, you may have an ingrown.

If you have noticed these symptoms and you have also noticed a recent increase in physical activity or that your shoes have become too tight, it is likely that have an ingrown. If you suspect that you have an ingrown, you should be seen by a licensed podiatrist immediately before the condition worsens. They will be able to diagnose your condition and confirm or deny your suspicions since they are licensed doctors who specialize in feet. To schedule your consultation with a podiatrist, give us a call at (424)-299-4627 or visit our website for more information.