Ingrown toenail pain is often debilitating and can make standing, walking, and running difficult. The pain from ingrown toenails usually gets worse when weight is on the foot, because this increases pressure on the toe. Wearing closed-toe shoes also makes ingrown toenail pain worse, because this provides a surface for the ingrown toenail to press against. Ingrown toenails are caused by excessive pressure on the corner of the nail that forces the nail to grow into the skin, so any additional pressure will exacerbate the wound. Relief from ingrown toenail pain can come in many forms.

The simplest way to find relief from the pain is to rest your feet. Staying off of your feet will stop the nail from being pushed further into the skin by force. If you need to be on your feet, find relief by only wearing wide toed or open-toed shoes that fit your feet well. Avoid running or doing strenuous exercise.

Over the counter pain medications can also be used to find relief from the pain. However, these medications should not be used as a long term pain management strategy. Rather, the best use for these medications is to take them once you already have a plan to get your ingrown professionally treated. They are very effective at quelling the pain until a doctor can provide you with more permanent relief.

The best way to find relief from ingrown toenail pain is to have the ingrown removed by a licensed podiatrist. They will be able to safely remove the nail so that it no longer causes you pain with daily activities. After healing from this removal, you won’t need to worry about ingrown toenail pain any longer. To schedule your consultation with a podiatrist, give us a call at (424)-299-4627 or visit our website for more information.