Ingrown toenails are conditions that usually start as pretty minor issues. As they develop into more severe conditions, the symptoms of ingrown toenails get progressively worse. If you are at risk for ingrown toenails, have developed them before, or are just cautious about developing them, the timeline of an ingrown toenail is an important piece of information to know.

The ingrown toenail timeline usually starts with a minor condition where the nail is barely growing into the skin of the toe. At this point, you will probably start to notice some pain when you walk or run. You may have some slight inflammation, but nothing too extreme. This is the best time to get your toenails checked. If you have an ingrown toenail and catch it at this stage, it can be removed before it causes any serious problems or pain. This will cut the timeline of the ingrown toenail short, which is ideal!

If the ingrown is left untreated at this point, it will progress to the next stage. At this stage, the ingrown will start causing excruciating pain. This is because the nail will have started to grow deeper into the skin. This causes a deep wound in the skin that is worsened with every step. At this point in the timeline of the ingrown, immediate medical attention is necessary. The next stage is when the ingrown becomes infected, which is more complex and involved to treat. Infected ingrown start to become very inflamed, red, hot, and can start to leak or form pus. It is best to avoid these later stages of ingrown toenails if possible and instead receive treatment as early into the timeline as possible. To schedule your consultation with a podiatrist, give us a call at (424)-299-4627 or visit our website for more information.