Unmanicured and dirty nails can be embarrassing. Because of this, women tend to cover up to hide their feet or wear nail polish. Vanity aside, keeping toenails clean is a health priority. The health of your toenail is important, but it can easily be ignored. Because they are often covered  up, infections can grow unnoticed until it has gotten worse.

Most health issues associated with the feet can be prevented with good personal hygiene. Nothing can be prevented at 100%, but keeping toenails clean and healthy creates a strong defense. It can be tedious to maintain good hygiene considering the things that the feet go through on a daily basis. They are also trapped in shoes and socks most of the time, which can cause problems such as toenail fungus or ingrown toenails.

Here are ways to maintain Clean And Health Toenails:

  • Wash your feet and nails: Wash your feet and toes thoroughly with soap and warm water. Doing this gets rid of dirt and helps fight off bacteria. This is important especially if you wear socks all day.
  • Use a brush for the tough spots: Running soap and water over your feet is not enough. Dirt can get trapped under the nails and corners. Use a brush for hard to reach areas such as under the toenails. 
  • Keep toenails trimmed: Neatly trimmed toenails will help prevent dirt and moisture from getting trapped underneath the nail. You can also use a nail file to remove dirt under the nails.
  • Change your shoes every day: Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes everyday. This will give your shoes the chance to air out. 
  • Wear clean socks: If you tend to have sweaty feet. You should change your socks regularly. Damp socks invite bacteria and fungus to infect your toenails.

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