Ingrown toenail are not deadly but can be very painful. If left untreated, it can cause serious complications. Ingrown toenails are of special concern for people with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or poor circulation. They have impaired blood flow to the extremities of the body: arms and feet.

Ingrown toenails occur on the sides of the toes. The side or the corner of a toenail grows into the flesh of the toe. It causes pain, redness, swelling, and drainage. Ingrown toenails are usually caused by wearing tight fitting shoes, not cutting the toenail properly, or a toenail injury.

Generally, ingrown toenails are more inconvenient than dangerous. They can be treated at home for minor cases. You can treat ingrown toenails at home by soaking your feet. After soaking, place a piece of floss or cotton under part of the toenail that is growing into the skin. This will encourage the nail to grow away from the skin. Additionally, you can apply antibiotic creams

For people with diabetes or other underlying medical conditions, ingrown toenails can be more serious. Ingrown toenail may be severe or have dangerous complications. People with underlying health conditions or poor circulation in the extremities should be extremely careful.

Ingrown Toenails can be dangerous. They can be dangerous because of the risk of infection. When an ingrown toenail becomes infected, it can get worse if left untreated. The infection can spread to the bone of the toe and cause Gangrene. Gangrene is a condition where the tissue decays and leaves an open sore. This is a major risk for people with underlying conditions. If the condition continues to get worse, it can lead to amputations.

If you have a severe ingrown toenail or if you have an ingrown toenail and have an underlying condition, consult with a foot doctor right away.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our podiatrists. We have same day appointments available at over 75 clinics nationwide, including Spokane Valley in Washington State.