Dr. Michael Bilinsky is a Foot and Ankle surgeon and specialist who graduated from New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1973. While in school he became a protégé of the renowned Dr. Morton Polokoff who invented the Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery to reduce foot pain in patients. Since he’s been a student, Dr. Bilinsky’s biggest passion in life has been to relieve pain in the foot and ankle. Post graduating, Dr. Bilinsky decided to relocate to Southern California where he served as the Chief of the Department of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Westside Hospital for 8 years. He has also lectured on the changing health care delivery system and was known as the state consultant to Blue Cross Hospital. In addition, others might find Dr. Bilinsky familiar from the TV show “That’s Incredible” where he was featured.

Currently one of Dr. Bilinsky’s main passions is to reduce or eliminate ankle and foot pain for his patients. The procedure that he is most known for and has performed thousands of times over the span of the last twenty years is the ingrown toenail treatment. This procedure relieves pain for patients immediately after the treatment is done. Ingrown toenails are a very common condition in which toenails grow into the softer part of the skin surrounding the nail. This condition results in severe pain, redness, swelling, and sometimes can even lead to an infection if left untreated.

Dr. Bilinsky has said that his greatest achievement is knowing that he has improved his patient’s quality of life after they leave his office. By performing a quick and almost painless procedure that might sometimes only take 30 minutes, Dr. Bilinsky is able to improve their discomfort almost immediately. The procedure might be quick, but it means the world to his patients. After the procedure is done, most patients are able to walk out of the office with minimal pain and reduced redness and swelling.

In addition to his procedure for relieving pain in the foot and ankle for his patients, Dr. Bilinsky prides himself on his holistic medical approach to foot care. He understands the connections between disorders and deformities of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and spine and is able to link the foot problems that his patients are experiencing to other more comprehensive underlying conditions in the body.