Ingrown Toenails and Tight Shoes

If you feel that your toenails are becoming tender, painful, or swollen, you may be experiencing an incoming ingrown toenail. Shoes that do not fit properly can often cause this to occur. Ill-fitted shoes may be the greatest cause to your achy toes or feet as well. The constant abrasion of the toes against the tight shoes is what may be causing your toes to become swollen, and cause you to pain in the areas of where the toes meet the edges of the nails.


In addition to overly snugged shoes, beware of wearing socks that are too tight as well. The same uncomfortable pain can result from wearing tight-fitted socks as it can from tight-fitted shoes. Not only can an ingrown toenail develop from wearing an improper shoe size, but an infected ingrown toenail can also develop. If an ingrown toenail becomes infected, make sure to get it treated by a physician promptly. Lastly, a great way to avoid ingrown toenails is to wear sandals more often and wear shoes and socks that properly fit.

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