Ingrown Nails Explained

There are several ways that an ingrown nail can develop. In many cases it is hereditary, meaning that it runs in your family, so if you know family members with this problem then you have a chance of gaining the same issue. Trimming the nail incorrectly can also result in an ingrown nail. This will happen when you trim the nail too short, which causes the skin to then fold over the nail. Trauma to the toes or nails can also result in an ingrown nail. So stubbing your toe, dropping a heavy object on your toe, or an activity that puts repeated pressure on the toes are all forms of trauma that can cause the nail to change shape and become infected and ingrown. Improperly sized footwear, such as shoes or socks that are too tight or too short can also be a cause of an ingrown nail. Lastly, fungal infections or losing a nail can also cause an ingrown nail.


Ingrown toenails are more frequent when cutting your nails in a rounded form. But they can easily be obtained from wearing ill-fitted shoes and tight socks or hosiery. They are also very common after an injury or trauma to the nail. They can be hereditary so nail removal surgery may be best if this is a common problem. If the ingrown toenail becomes infected and nothing is done to treat it, it may cause an overgrowth of tissue which can lead to permanent changes in the tissue that can lead to more infections and swelling.


Any of your local podiatrists can help you with this if you choose to seek this treatment. Virtually painless, your doctor will start by injecting you with a local anesthetic so you feel nothing during the procedure. Then, when the affected area is completely numb the doctor will surgically remove the nail and apply a chemical to the root of the nail to prevent it from growing back. Your toe is then wrapped and bandaged and you may be given something to prevent infection and for minor pain. This is a minor surgery and has helped thousands of people all over the world who suffer from severe ingrown toenails. If you are constantly suffering from ingrown toenails, try asking your local podiatrist today if this surgery is right for you.

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