The first step in receiving treatment for any condition you believe you have is to identify the symptoms that are affecting you. Once you have done this, it will be easier to seek out the treatment that you need. Ingrown toenail symptoms are usually pretty easily recognizable, so identifying them is simple for most people. 

The most common symptom of ingrown toenails is pain. Ingrown toenails occur when the corner of the nail starts to grow into the skin of the toe. This causes an open wound where the toenail is growing in, which is almost always painful. Identifying this symptom should be done by monitoring any pain in your toes. 

Ingrown toenails also commonly cause aesthetic changes in the location of the wound. These changes include redness, swelling, and other symptoms related to inflammation. The wound caused by the ingrown toenail causes the skin to become inflamed and irritated as a response to the injury. Identifying this is as simple as checking your toes to make sure that the corners of them haven’t started to become red or swollen.

Often, the actual ingrown toenail will be visible. When ingrown toenails progress past their initial stages, the nail will start to look like it is embedded in the skin. Identifying this symptom can be done by routinely checking the corners of the nails. 

Infected ingrown toenails have their own symptoms for identifying. When an ingrown becomes infected, the skin of the toe might start to show pus formation. Additionally, inflammation of an ingrown toenail will often be more present, and the skin may be very red and feel hot.

If you have identified symptoms of an ingrown toenail, the best thing to do is be seen by a licensed podiatrist for a consultation and effective treatment. To schedule your consultation with a podiatrist, give us a call at (424)-299-4627 or visit our website for more information.