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Ingrown toenails are more frequent when cutting your nails in a rounded form. But they can easily be obtained from wearing ill-fitted shoes and tight socks or hosiery. They are also very common after an injury or trauma to the nail. They can be hereditary so nail removal surgery may be best if this is a common problem. If the ingrown toenail becomes infected and nothing is done to treat it, it may cause an overgrowth of tissue which can lead to permanent changes in the tissue that can lead to more infections and swelling.


In most cases, you can treat the ingrown toenails yourself. However, if the case seems to be extreme or very sensitive and there is a significant pain or discomfort, it is best to contact a doctor or specialist in order to avoid potential complications and to provide information on how to alleviate pain.


Be vigilant, throw out too tight of shoes, always cut your nails straight across, and if you haven’t been able to fix the ingrown nail yourself, seek professional and medical assistance!

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