29 01 / 2019

Children and Ingrown Toenails

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How to care for the ingrown toenail: When the nail is cut wrong or the shoes are the improper size it may lead to infection. If a child’s nail becomes infected antibiotics may be a common form of treatment. Even more commonly, the treatment of an ingrown toenail can be done without a doctor, at [...]

25 01 / 2019

Why Me? Why Did I Get an Ingrown Toenail?

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Treatments for an ingrown toenail will either be non-invasive or surgical. The severity of the ingrown toenail will determine what option you should choose for your treatment. According to recent findings, surgery compared to a non-invasive treatment yields better results in a lesser occurrence of ingrown toenails. Some may wonder if there are predispositions that [...]

18 01 / 2019

Physics Explains Why You Should Trim Your Toenails Correctly

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When you search for how to prevent ingrown toenail online, you may find out that many websites recommend to “trim your nail straight across” to prevent ingrown toenails. However, they don’t usually mention WHY. Today, we will explain why trimming your nail correctly will help prevent you from getting ingrown toenails. A 2014 research from [...]

14 01 / 2019

Myths and Facts About Ingrown Toenails (Part 2)

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Although ingrown toenails are very common conditions, many people tend to have a misconception about the conditions and how we treat nails in general. We should make a curve when we cut nails. FACT: Making a notch or curve in toenails will increase the change of ingrown toenails. Always cut nails straight across and try [...]

9 01 / 2019

Myths & Facts About Ingrown Toenails

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Ingrown toenails are a very common condition among youth but it can happen to people of all ages. Many people believe they know how to deal with ingrown toenails on their own, but there are several myths about ingrown nails that you should be aware of. Ingrown Toenails always heal on their own FACT: Not [...]

8 01 / 2019

Ingrown Toenails

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This small abnormality that a toenail can have can cause a huge ruckus to your life if you leave it untreated. This common issue is an ingrown toenail. And if you have had one you know how badly the nail can affect your life. If you have had an ingrown toenail you might understand that [...]

26 12 / 2018

Symptoms of an Ingrown Nail

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There are many foot infections and nail infections that exist but you may not always know if you have one. It is important to know and acknowledge the signs and symptoms. For ingrown nails, the symptoms are usually more obvious and instantaneous.   If you have an ingrown nail you may first start seeing the [...]

7 12 / 2018

Expect the Unexpected!

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Ingrown nails are very common and can happen quite easily. Usually, it is pretty simple to detect if you have one or not with a few simple signs or symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms and signs of an ingrown nail are tenderness or swelling on the skin that is adjacent to the nail. [...]

5 12 / 2018

Ingrown Nails Explained

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There are several ways that an ingrown nail can develop. In many cases it is hereditary, meaning that it runs in your family, so if you know family members with this problem then you have a chance of gaining the same issue. Trimming the nail incorrectly can also result in an ingrown nail. This will [...]

3 12 / 2018

Ingrown Nails

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One of the leading factors of ingrown nails is simply your genetics. If the natural shape of the nail is more horseshoe-like rather than flat, then it’s more typical for the sides of the nails to dig into the skin. Attempting to fix an ingrown nail can sometimes allow for infection and can almost always [...]