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Expect the Unexpected!

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Ingrown nails are very common and can happen quite easily. Usually, it is pretty simple to detect if you have one or not with a few simple signs or symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms and signs of an ingrown nail are tenderness or swelling on the skin that is adjacent to the nail. [...]

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Ingrown Nails Explained

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There are several ways that an ingrown nail can develop. In many cases it is hereditary, meaning that it runs in your family, so if you know family members with this problem then you have a chance of gaining the same issue. Trimming the nail incorrectly can also result in an ingrown nail. This will [...]

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Ingrown Nails

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One of the leading factors of ingrown nails is simply your genetics. If the natural shape of the nail is more horseshoe-like rather than flat, then it’s more typical for the sides of the nails to dig into the skin. Attempting to fix an ingrown nail can sometimes allow for infection and can almost always [...]

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Ingrown Toenails and Tight Shoes

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If you feel that your toenails are becoming tender, painful, or swollen, you may be experiencing an incoming ingrown toenail. Shoes that do not fit properly can often cause this to occur. Ill-fitted shoes may be the greatest cause to your achy toes or feet as well. The constant abrasion of the toes against the tight [...]

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Natural Remedies for Ingrown Toenail

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When a toenail has a tendency to grow inwards, it gets into the border of the skin. This problem can cause a tremendous amount of discomfort, inflammation, and even pain. When this happens, the risk of infection in the surrounding skin very well increases. The causes of an ingrown would most likely be at least [...]

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Nothing But Facts

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Did you know you can also develop an ingrown nail just based on your genetics? Sometimes it can be as simple as the way your nail grows from infancy can cause it to curve too much and cut into the side. You may have also damaged your nail and permanently changed the direction of your [...]

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Help, I have ingrown Nail!

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Ingrown toenails are no laughing matter. They can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. If left untreated for too long, an ingrown toenail can cause severe infection, and if you thought the pain was bad before, try dealing with an infected ingrown toenail! The infected site can cause your entire toe to swell and inflame, become [...]

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Ingrown Nail Prevention

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Ingrown nails can occur on the fingernails but are typically far more common on the toenails. With ingrowns, they usually affect the sides of the big toe. The nail will begin to grow into the flesh of your skin along the side of the nail and can often lead to an infection. If you have [...]

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How to Tell if Your Baby Has an Ingrown Nail

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It may come as a shock but ingrown toenails can happen to individuals of all ages, including infants and children. A few key signs that identify if your child has an ingrown is redness, swelling on the skin adjacent to the nail, and pain. Some toddlers may pull on their the foot because due to [...]

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Help Me!

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Ingrown toenails are more frequent when cutting your nails in a rounded form. But they can easily be obtained from wearing ill-fitted shoes and tight socks or hosiery. They are also very common after an injury or trauma to the nail. They can be hereditary so nail removal surgery may be best if this is [...]